“I feel much more capable and confident”

When I hired Milisa to be my coach I was at a point in my life where I felt drained and in need of support in order to do more than get through the next year of my life.   I worked out of my home and had difficulty separating my new photography business from my family life because of the never-ending list of responsibilities that come with having two young children and a husband who worked full-time while completing his thesis to finish the last leg of his doctorate. I felt stuck, like I was in a vortex, spiralling in the same spot, unable to visualize my future in a way that was independent from everyone else’s needs and obligations. I felt helpless and felt as though I was dragging myself through each day while my feelings negatively affected those around me; and, I knew things would get worse before they got better if I didn’t seek some help.

My coaching sessions with Milisa immediately helped me replace my feeling of being overburdened to one of peacefulness. Over time, I went from being unable to envision my future further ahead than one-week increments to having a long-range plan of what I wanted my life to look like. I looked forward to building a long-term vision for where I wanted to be based on positive things in my life instead of fearing failure. By focusing on the gifts I already had in my life and acknowledging and owning my strengths, I am much more capable of compartmentalizing different aspects of my life and see the strengths and weaknesses in each. Now, after the coaching, I can stand back and observe my life in its separate pieces. I feel much more confident about my ability to handle things and that I have the skill and inner peace to figure out viable solutions.  I have stopped being afraid to look at things and uncover them by allowing myself to be vulnerable.  Things are more manageable. 

I got a lot more than I expected from the coaching.   I have so many new tools to help me, ones that really resonate with me.  I am more present with my kids and don’t allow fear to regulate my state of being. And, I have my own office space for my growing photography business, a goal I set for myself and achieved while working with Milisa! Thank you for being in my corner!

— Diana Renelli is a Toronto Photographer who operates Aesthetic Diary www.dianarenelli.com


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