Feeling the Pull Toward Something Greater in a Mystical Landscape

I went with my family to see Mystical Landscapes: Masterpieces from Monet, Van Gogh & More at the AGO this past Sunday. The exhibition explores the mystical experiences in nature of 37 different artists.   It was a gorgeous  (if crowded!) experience.  I was so inspired.  At one point we were encouraged to focus on one of Charles-Marie Dulac’s works and just sit and be mindful, noticing what we saw.  I took that to heart and ended up focusing on one of a series of prints of a single tree and building.  That single tree took me right to the Nordheimer Ravine, one of my favourite places in Toronto – a mystical landscape for me here.   I try to go to that ravine as often as possible, daily if I can, on my morning walk with my dog Raska.  (I have a history with ravines going back to childhood.)  IMG_9336 3  I find that there is a certain section of the ravine where I inevitably have some insight or idea.  (See the photo for the spot I am referring to.)  I feel connected to something larger, to nature, to Life/Universe/God.  One day I ended up talking to two others on that same path with their dogs and they affirmed that they too found the place to be spiritual.  And furthermore, they had talked to other people who had moved away from the neighbourhood but kept returning to the ravine because of it’s specialness, it’s mysticism.

Lately, as I have been walking in the ravine and connecting with nature, looking,  listening, feeling, sensing, I have been looking to connect more deeply with the pull I feel toward bringing women together to support each other to become agents of change.  As I walk the path, I feel held by the trees and beckoned by the sky.  I feel a sense of peace fall through me.  I feel on my path.  I especially feel the pull toward showing up in a bigger way as an agent of social change myself and supporting other women to show up in their unique way.

It was on a walk in the ravine that I got the sense that the women I will be working with in future circles are pulled to contribute in a more impactful way, to something larger, mainly because of a desire to be a role model for their children or other children in their lives, for future generations.  These women already are doing so much but there is a yearning they feel to that is pulling them towards something more.   They want to feel a sense of peace that they have done what they could. And there is much work to do!  The greater power of women is a resource that we can tap into and need to tap into more than ever.  To that end I am offering this workshop on February 1st @ 7 pm  Making Room For You – Be An Agent of Social Change: Three steps to the confidence to break through your self-doubt and move into a leadership role that is really going to make a difference.   A beautiful powerful circle is forming… Come and join us if you are feeling the pull!


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