Reignite Your Divine Spark – SOLSTICE Gathering

I am so excited to be offering a special event right in my neighbourhood in downtown Toronto on the Winter Solstice. I’m offering this special event to celebrate the completion of my 2 years of training with Dr. Claire Zammit and my pending certification as a Feminine Power transformational facilitator (yay!) If you have been curious about Feminine Power, this will be an excellent way to get an experience of it!

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Feminine Power
Winter Solstice Women’s Circle

December 21, 2017 | 8 p.m. | 918 Bathurst Street, Toronto

Join me and a tribe of brilliant women to Finish the Year with Power & Grace.

There is NO CHARGE for this Event – If you are moved to do so, I invite you to consider making a donation to Hard Feelings and help more people access stronger mental health.

Please help spread the word and invite the women you know who you feel would benefit from this event.

Whether you’ve had an exciting year of success and forward momentum, a year of setbacks and disappointments, or something in between, you can complete this year in a way that will have it be a turning point in the unfolding of your destiny.

You can harvest this year’s experiences and turn them into fuel to ignite your creative fire and propel you forward into greatness.

The Winter solstice is one of the most potent and powerful days of the year to harvest the gains of 2017 and prepare for the new year ahead.

My intention is to create a supportive space for women in my network to finish the year connected to their power and grace. I also want to share with you some of the most potent Feminine Power practices I’ve recently discovered.

During this special gathering, you’ll be guided through a series of Feminine Power practices for healing, self-love and releasing old patterns that no longer serve you, as well as celebrating and integrating the gifts and gains of the year.

You will be fully supported to prepare to step forward into your greatest vision for the new year and tap into your Feminine Power, from which you can source even more creativity and support to manifest your deepest desires and greatest vision.

Join me to reignite your divine spark and realign with your vision.

During the gathering you’ll have the opportunity to reconnect with what really matters, reawaken your gifts and realign with your calling.

Release what’s no longer serving you.

The world needs your creativity, vision and voice like never before. During this event you’ll have the opportunity to let go of self-doubt, playing small, underearning, over-giving, and accepting a lesser version of your life.

Recommit to showing up in ways that are aligned with your greatest vision—at an even higher level.

The opportunity for us as women has never been greater for us to:

  • Show up as the women we were born to become.
  • Create thriving relationships.
  • Discover and follow our highest calling.
  • Create prosperous careers aligned with our values.
  • Experience radiant health and vitality.
  • Live in ways that are spiritually connected.
  • Ignite and empower others to step forward into their greatness.
  • Manifest our deepest desires for fun, creativity, self-expression and play.
  • Be catalysts and change agents shaping the future of our world.

Come join me in a space of authentic connection and celebration on this special day and feel the support and sisterhood of a tribe of brilliant women who are standing with and for your greatness.


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