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Where’s Our Passion?

Have you ever yearned to find more passion, or even some passion, in your work?  Reading Lean In: Women, Work and The Will To Lead by Sheryl Sandberg over March Break made me remember an experience when I so strongly felt that yearning.  About ten years ago, I went for a ride in a hot…

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What Do I Want For This Relationship?

A powerful and basic question you can ask yourself when you are feeling challenged in any relationship, personal or professional, is:

What do I want for this relationship?

When you have your answer, govern yourself accordingly, accessing the best parts of you to do so.

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PS to my story “Who is Milisa Burns?”

Just to be crystal clear, by sharing my story in my first post, I am not trying to suggest that to make more room for yourself, you must change what your life looks like on the outside.   For instance,  I am not here to suggest you change your work.  Rather, I am so curious…

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Who is Milisa Burns?

This is a story of a little girl who could be anything she wanted to be. The world was her oyster! She had choices and the utmost love and support of her family and friends. She did very well in school. She was particularly good at math. She didn’t ever see herself as especially creative…

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