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Does the Idea of a Circle of Women Make You Cringe?

Solstice Women's Circle

Does the prospect of being in a workshop with a circle of women, most of whom you’ve just met, make you cringe? Does it actually scare you? If yes, I get it. I get it, because our society and many of the professions we are in – law (my background), medicine, academia, for example –…

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Connect With Yourself First

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know this day can bring up a lot of emotions, positive and negative, whether you are single or in a relationship. I also know that the most effective way to be able to relate well with others – our loved ones and otherwise – is to connect to ourselves first. What…

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Envisioning a Year of Greatness

Year of Greatness Women's Circle Jan 2018

On January 25, we were a beautiful circle of 11 brilliant women committed to making 2018 our Year of Greatness! And, we felt the connection to the almost 50 other Circles taking place this week around the globe in 14 other countries. I love all our smiles in this photo. We focused on gaining intentionality,…

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Greatness? Who, Me?

Vision Circle 2018

When I first started hearing the call to step into my greatness, my first thoughts were: “Who, me? Who am I to be stepping into greatness?” Feelings of fear of alienating others came up for me. I would look arrogant. People wouldn’t like me. But there was an invitation there that I could not and cannot…

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