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Be An Agent of Social Change at Work

Future is female

Tap into Your Authenticity and Confidence to Overcome Your Self-Doubt and Move into A Leadership Role That is Really Going to Make a Difference Do you feel a yearning to do more to change your work culture for the better? Maybe you also feel it’s really important to step into this contribution as a role…

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Taking A Stand As An Act of Leadership

It’s June again already – wow this last year has flown by! I have been immersed in the Feminine Power Advanced Trainings since last June and it has been a transformative experience for me personally and professionally. As the trainings wind up and a 9 month practicum begins I am starting to integrate more and…

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Ann Patchett – Present and Powerful!

Recently, I had the good fortune to be invited by my friend Isabelle to go see Ann Patchett being interviewed at the Toronto Reference Library. Ann Patchett is on tour for her latest novel, Commonwealth. I have read several of her novels over the years (including Bel Canto, Run and State of Wonder) and really…

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