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Words from the Wise: Marriage and Parenting

Some of you may already have read my earlier post: DD is 100 Years Old Today! What’s her Secret?, about my maternal grandmother, Mildred Maclean (aka, to her grandchildren and many others, “DD”). I wrote it for her 100th birthday on March 8, 2011. She is now 102!   She is slowing down but is…

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Where’s Our Passion?

Have you ever yearned to find more passion, or even some passion, in your work?  Reading Lean In: Women, Work and The Will To Lead by Sheryl Sandberg over March Break made me remember an experience when I so strongly felt that yearning.  About ten years ago, I went for a ride in a hot…

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More Than Just A Plum Pudding

Plum Pudding

For as long as I can remember, my maternal grandmother, Mildred Maclean (“DD” to me), would make the plum pudding for our Christmas dinner. (Post about DD.) A few years ago, when she was well into her 90s, I took over the role of plum pudding maker. I now make the pudding, bolstered by my grandmother’s notes, delivered…

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This post is about noticing disconnect and encouraging vulnerability.  By “disconnected”, I am referring to a situation in which our perception of ourselves is very different from how others see us. But before I get into those subjects, I want to reflect a bit on the effects of my last post.  It took me a few…

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My Food Story: From A Shameful Secret to A Helpful Tale

This is definitely the hardest blog post I have written since I started two years ago.  I have been thinking about it for over a year, debating with myself about whether to share this story with you.   After building up my courage with some consults with several wise women, and listening more closely to…

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What Do I Want For This Relationship?

A powerful and basic question you can ask yourself when you are feeling challenged in any relationship, personal or professional, is:

What do I want for this relationship?

When you have your answer, govern yourself accordingly, accessing the best parts of you to do so.

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Something Lost, More Found

Hi Readers, I am sorry for the long time between posts.   I am happy to be back here blogging again! My family and I were lucky enough to be able to go to Florida last week for March Break.   We had a really lovely holiday; lots of good “family of five” time as…

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First and Second Parts of Gift for Making Room For You Assessment Participants Delivered!

I am pleased to say that I have sent out the first and second instalments of my gift for the Making Room For You Assessment Participants.  This gift is a token of my appreciation for their participation.   The responses I received were so helpful to me.  I want to continue to design products and…

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Lessons of a 20-Something Year Old

Happy New Year Everyone! To start of this year of blogging I thought you might enjoy Michele Wong’s inspiring story below.   I met Michele last November at a Young Women In Law Charity Gala  which was held to raise money for the Belinda Stronach Foundation.  I was struck by Michele’s brimming enthusiasm and clear passion for…

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News about the Making Room For You Assessment

 I have been thrilled, and very very moved, by the responses to the Making Room For You Assessment that I have received so far.   I am also very grateful.  To all of you who have participated, thank you for being so open to collaborating with me and for sharing your heart-felt reflections with me….

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