Is It Time?

I invite you to put the power of journaling to work for you. Sign up for your own on-line journal. It’s free and secure and there is no obligation, no catch.


  • Journaling is one of the very most effective ways to make change
  • Journaling helps you express goals and work to reach them more quickly
  • Journaling is a proven happiness booster (even just a few minutes a day)
  • It’s free and secure
  • You can journal privately or share with friends on the site
  • I am there, as your coach, if you want feedback (3 free reviews/year)


  • Get your own free and secure journal:
  • Benefit from a simple and powerful exercise proven to improve your well-being, particularly your happiness
  • Receive helpful prompts to get your journal “juices” flowing

I challenge you to try it for one week and see what’s different for you. If you journal every day for just a few minutes, using the simple exercise I provide you with, I bet that you will feel happier. (Studies have shown this to be true.) You will then be in a better frame of mind to gain more clarity and pursue your goals. I will be on the site too, journaling and “walking my talk”. See you there!

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