Making Room For You Women’s Retreat

Milisa Burns

Join us for the Making Room For You Women's Retreat

Unlock Your Power and Manifest Your Vision:

Unlocking the Three Power Centres of Feminine Power

March 2-4, 2018

Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre, Hastings, Ontario

harmony dawn

You are a professional woman, successful in the typical sense. And yet…

You have a yearning - to be more and to do more, personally and professionally. But, you are often overwhelmed and exhausted, and at a loss as to how to make this all happen.

You feel selfish - you should be happy with all the “success” you have achieved.

You feel frustrated and stuck.

You see your relationships are being negatively affected, which feels, frankly, devastating. You are not present with your kids the way you wish you were. You are not being the role model for them that you desire to be. Your relationship with your partner is tense more often than feels right.

You feel like you are on the verge of burnout - the life you are living is not sustainable.

You are blaming yourself, judging yourself, for much of this, which makes you feel even more demoralized. At your worst, you feel may like you are failing at everything, even though you are always trying so darn hard!

You are feeling alone in all of this.

I’ve got some good news for you: the reason you’ve been struggling to create a life that reflects this yearning you have been feeling, this potential in you, has little to do with any personal shortcomings, and everything to do with how we’ve been taught to access power in our culture.

To create a life that reflects your yearning to be more and to do more, while staying grounded in, and true to, your values, including your family, you must learn how to create from your Feminine Power. (This does not mean letting go of your brilliance as a task-master and high-achiever extraordinaire!)

Join us at this retreat to discover the foundational practices for the most comprehensive training for women in the world to awaken and manifest Feminine Power.

The opportunity for us as women has never been greater for us to:

Show up as the women we were born to become.

Discover and follow our highest calling.

Ignite and empower others to step forward into their greatness.

Be catalysts and change agents shaping the future of our world.

Live in ways that are spiritually connected.

Create thriving relationships.

Experience radiant health and vitality.

Create prosperous careers aligned with our values.

Manifest our deepest desires for fun, creativity, self-expression and play.

Feminine Power Retreat
Feminine Power Retreat

At this retreat, you will learn and practice the foundational elements of the Feminine Power system:

You will unlock the Three Power Centres of Feminine Power.

You will discover how to connect to your intuition so you can begin to create the life and work you have been yearning for.

You will step into a vision of your life that excites and inspires you.

You will break through the number one inner pattern that’s in the way of you accessing your full power.

You will break free from your biggest barrier to receiving support, and experience the power that opens up when you’re truly supported by a tribe of extraordinary women.

What People Are Saying:

What was helpful to me: Being in a group of supportive women and the chance to connect more deeply with my inner voice. I loved the energy I got from others. Hearing your personal stories was very powerful. Loved my two days! —Retreat Participant, November 2017

I found it so helpful that you shared your personal stories – that’s how I was able to relate and participate fully in the exercises we did. …I really enjoyed myself and felt supported by everyone. I also feel inspired to continue to connect with myself and honour these yearnings and use these as a creative force and to open up to receive help from others. I look forward to continuing this work. —Retreat Participant, November 2017

Your teaching style is natural and welcoming! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was amazing! I am so glad that I was a part of this dream of yours! —Retreat Participant, November 2017

Your energy, integrity, insight, wisdom and vulnerability were awesome. You are gifted at directing and leading and also at taking the time to respond and help understand, interpret and provide insight into the responses of the participants. —A. Brooker, Retreat Participant, November 2017

The energy you created amongst us as a group was super helpful in creating an atmosphere of trust and sharing. It was helpful to have yoga incorporated with this program for its grounding quality and movement of energy. —Retreat Participant, November 2017

Join us!!

$597 (plus tax)

Making Room For You Women's Retreat
Making Room For You Women's Retreat
Unlock Your Power and Manifest Your Vision: Unlocking the Three Power Centres of Feminine Power. March 2-4, 2018. Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre, Hastings, Ontario
Price: $597.00

Retreat Details

Anne Finlay of Holistic Therapies is returning to teach yoga classes at the Retreat. Anne received rave reviews at previous retreats, thanks to her mindful ways of integrating yoga with the Feminine Power materials. Anne is a registered psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario and a certified counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association with over 15 years of experience. She is a trained Mindfulness practitioner, group leader and educator with the Psychotherapy Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital and the Mindfulness Clinic in Toronto, Ontario. Anne is also a registered Yoga teacher and member of Yoga Alliance. She has advanced training in Ayurveda and Qi Yoga, blending Hatha Yoga with the principles of 5 element theory Qigong.

Retreat yoga

Location: the gorgeous Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre in Hastings, Ontario, less than a 2-hour drive from downtown Toronto and a 4-hour drive from Montreal. Harmony Dawn is an off-the-grid eco centre surrounded by forest overlooking Rice Lake in Northumberland County.

Harmony Dawn is nestled into the picturesque, rolling Northumberland Hills, surrounded by 50 pristine, acres of meadows and forests without any noise or electrical buzz, since they are completely self-sufficient and off the power grid. Their country air boasts one of the highest oxygen levels in Ontario; scenic Rice Lake abuts their forests and since it is relatively shallow, offers swimming from Spring to Fall.

Harmony Dawn was built to provide a harmonious natural environment conducive to spiritual healing and nurturing work. When they opened in 2003 they were voted one of the greenest buildings in Canada, incorporating not only sustainable energy, but also the principles of Feng Shui.

Harmony Dawn can accommodate up to 22 people in shared accommodation with the exception of a couple of private rooms, one of which is reserved for the instructor. The private rooms are designated for people with special needs and requirements.

To help keep their environmental foot print shallow, Harmony Dawn asks that all guests bring with them a set of twin sheets, pillow case and a body towel. They supply pillows and blankets. Guests have the option of renting bedding $10.00 and the towel $2.00. They also supply environmentally friendly and bio-degradable shampoo, conditioner and body wash in their washroom facilities.

Harmony Dawn
Harmony Dawn
Harmony Dawn
Harmony Dawn

Date and Time: March 2-4, 2018. 4 pm Friday - 4 pm Sunday

Includes workshop, 2 nights of shared accommodation (up to four women in a room with bunk beds,) and 6 delicious vegetarian meals prepared onsite by Chef Nicola James, also co-owner of the Retreat Centre.

The Retreat Centre is “off-the-grid” and, while there is cell phone service, wifi is not included. This weekend is for YOU! Imagine how it will feel to unplug for a couple of days.

$597 plus HST per person. (Not including travel to and from the Retreat, and any personal purchases.)

Only 19 12 spots available so register early and invite a friend!

Full retreat and travel information will be provided upon registration. We are arranging car pools or if you prefer, you may take a Via Rail Train to Cobourg and then a 25 minute cab ride to Harmony Dawn.

Cancellation Policy: An administrative fee of $75 will be charged for all cancellations. Cancellation 21 or more days prior to the workshop date – receive a refund, less $75 administration fee. Cancellation less than 21 days prior to the workshop date – receive a 50% refund, less $75 administration fee. No refund will be issued if you do not notify us in advance of the workshop date. The organizers reserve the right to cancel the event due to under-enrolment, instructor illness or inclement weather. If event is cancelled by the organizer, any payment will be returned in full.

Feminine Power Retreat
Feminine Power Retreat

$597 (plus tax)

Making Room For You Women's Retreat
Making Room For You Women's Retreat
Unlock Your Power and Manifest Your Vision: Unlocking the Three Power Centres of Feminine Power. March 2-4, 2018. Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre, Hastings, Ontario
Price: $597.00

Our (Tentative) Schedule:


4-5:30 pm: Registration, Unpack, Short Walk

5:30-6:30 pm: Official start of retreat, Opening Session

6:30-7:30 pm: Dinner and Short Retreat Centre Orientation

7:30-9:30 pm: Session

9:30-10 pm: Yoga and Relaxation

10 pm onward: A much-needed rest


What People Are Saying:

The retreat this weekend really allowed me to step into myself and into my greater purpose, in such a supportive and energizing space. The space/energy created amongst the participants was invaluable. I am so excited to carry the momentum of this weekend retreat forward with me into my life and into our continued work together! —Retreat Participant, November 2017

Great workshop! I feel inspired and stronger for having gone through the workshop. It was helpful to share ideas with other women of varied backgrounds. You did a great job structuring the content, exercises, and discussion. —Mother, Agent of Social Change and Lawyer in Toronto

Your workshops are like grounding steps where I learn new tools to correct my path. I learn a lot and come away with much to think about. Your topics were new and fresh and relevant for me. Maybe peripherally (like off in the horizon), I knew some of the concepts before but you made them real and achievable. I was really impressed with the level of preparation you did for the workshop – that was a lot of work. Thank you for going the extra mile for us. —Female Engineer in Toronto
Milisa has helped me to become much more intentional about how I live my life. I have more energy and am less stressed. I am happy to say that Milisa helped me make much more room for what’s most meaningful to me and, as a result, I am thriving and contributing to the world in a way that energizes and encourages me to be at my best. —CM, Business Professional
Milisa showed me how to re-frame seemingly overwhelming situations and bring a clear process to figuring things out. Milisa’s guidance has been invaluable; I continuously return to the foundations she helped me establish. It is such a welcome ‘game changer’ to have a solid awareness and understanding of my strengths, values, and goals. Thanks to Milisa I am more confident in my decisions, and more peaceful and content in my life. —KN
Milisa has an unusual ability to connect with each member of our team in a group setting and makes each person feel comfortable enough to share their challenges with the group. What makes Milisa so approachable is the manner in which she shares her own personal stories that most of us can identify with. —Denise Lash, Founder, Lash Condo Law

About Milisa:

As a certified coach, transformational facilitator, leader, speaker and blogger, I am dedicated to empowering professional women to create success for themselves, on their terms, through my Making Room For You programs. On the outside, my clients tend to be very "successful", but inside they may initially be very stressed, full of questions, possibly bored and no longer fulfilled. They may feel a yearning, a strong pull toward something greater that they have not been able to Make Room For in their lives and work on their own. Working with me, my clients are amazed at how quickly they create peace and contentment while achieving and contributing at even higher levels than they previously thought possible.

Milisa Burns

$597 (plus tax)

Making Room For You Women's Retreat
Making Room For You Women's Retreat
Unlock Your Power and Manifest Your Vision: Unlocking the Three Power Centres of Feminine Power. March 2-4, 2018. Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre, Hastings, Ontario
Price: $597.00

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