Makes each person feel comfortable.

“Milisa has an unusual ability to connect with each member of our team in a group setting and makes each person feel comfortable enough to share their challenges with the group. What makes Milisa so approachable is the manner in which she shares her own personal stories that most of us can identify with.”

–Denise Lash, Founder Lash Condo Law


It’s absolutely clear to me that Milisa is made for this coaching role!

“My coaching process with Milisa has been a tremendously rewarding experience. Milisa balances the broad perspective with astute and creative insights and strategies and a warm blend of humour and support. I particularly appreciate the way she drew helpful connections in the work we did together and skillfully rounded our conversations back to core values and goals I had identified early in the process. Milisa has a wealth of relevant written resources that she shares, providing clients with additional food for thought between coaching conversations. With her thoughtful and wise guidance I’ve made a significant shift in my approach and am well on my way to achieving my goals. It’s a real pleasure to work with Milisa and it’s absolutely clear to me that Milisa is made for this coaching role!”

–Female Entrepreneur in Toronto


I felt powerful, focused, and successful.

“The initial workshop you offered at Palmerston Clusters for Adults helped me to understand what coaching in general could offer me—I was able to understand the coaching process and see it as distinct from counseling or other types of personal support. Also, because you seemed organized, friendly, and experienced I thought I would give working with you a try. In that workshop as well as throughout our “mini-coaching” session, I liked getting reading suggestions. Some I used right away, and others I will read in the future. The reflection document, Mindset by Dweck, Balance is Bunk by Trudeau, and Drive by Daniel Pink were the readings I benefited from the most. In our first coaching session what worked really was were the visualization exercises when I imagined and talked about times in the past where I felt powerful, focused, and successful.”

–Anne G.

“The first and last common mistakes were very useful for me. Intuitively, these seem important, but you don’t appreciate their power in everyday life unless they are backed up by relevant evidence and experience sharing by others. And, you did a great job in supporting your points with relevant literature and by allowing thought and experience sharing within the group!”

–Antigona Ulndreaj, PhD student in Neuroscience at the University of Toronto

“My Making Room For You Discovery Session with Milisa was invaluable, a real game changer for me. She listened with care, and her thoughtful and intuitive questions helped me to more clearly concretize my goals, and to embrace them as well. Those were very powerful and necessary steps, not to be underestimated. Once that happened, I could readily see the challenges blocking me, and to begin to address those challenges—to champion my own goals–in more pragmatic and effective ways.”

–Toronto publishing professional


Milisa has helped me to become much more intentional.

“Milisa has helped me to become much more intentional about how I live my life. I have more energy and am less stressed. I am happy to say that Milisa helped me make much more room for what’s most meaningful to me and, as a result, I am thriving and contributing to the world in a way that energizes and encourages me to be at my best.”

–CM, Business Professional


I feel much more capable and confident.

“I hired Milisa to be my coach because I was overwhelmed and lacked self-confidence. I couldn’t separate my new photography business from my home life with my children and husband. I felt stuck, like I was in a vortex, spiraling round in the same spot over and over again. I couldn’t see forward and I felt helpless. I was dragging myself through each day and that negatively affected everyone else around me. And, I knew things were going to get worse before they got better if I didn’t get some help. My first results from the coaching were a feeling of peacefulness, of having a plan, based on positive things in my life. Now, after the coaching, I am able to stand back and observe my life in its separate pieces. I feel much more confident about my ability to handle things, to figure them out. I have stopped being afraid of looking at things, at uncovering them. Things are more manageable. I got a lot more than I expected from the coaching. I have so many new tools to help me, ones that really resonate with me. I am more present with my kids now. And, I have my own office space for my growing photography business!”

–Diana Renelli, Photographer in Toronto www.drenelli.com


Journaling Helped Me Move Forward Quickly and Effectively!

“Working with Milisa has had such a positive impact on my life. When I first spoke to Milisa, I was in a rut both at home and at work. I had a strong desire to make a change, but needed some help and a push in the right direction. After just two conversations with Milisa, I had some great tools to help me move forward. Journaling has been one tool in particular that has helped me move forward so quickly and effectively. I have made good use of the free journal Milisa offered me. I now feel like I am progressing in a very positive direction in the most important areas of my life. At home, with my husband, I feel like we are dating again. At work, I have a new vision for what I want in my career. I have also just secured my first professional speaking engagement at an upcoming conference. Milisa is an excellent listener and coach who truly cares about helping her clients live their best life.”

–Learning and Development Professional


I have found clear steps to achieve my goal throughout the journey she took me on.

“Wanting to change direction in my career, I connected with Milisa hoping that she could help me determine what would be most fulfilling for me in my next chapter. I was seeking clarity and focus along with clear steps to achieve my goal, and I have to say that I found all these throughout the journey she took me on. I now have a clear vision of what I want and have started on my focused path in getting there. During our three month journey together I had time to truly explore what is important to me and I gained a much better understanding of who I am. I also really appreciated the regular journaling since it helped to gain the clarity I was looking for. I am quite amazed at the insights I gained through the coaching and I continue to build on them moving forward. Milisa is a terrific coach with her creative and non-judgmental approach along with her patience to ensure clarity along the way. Thank you Milisa.”

–HD, Professional Woman in Toronto


Milisa is an expert who has a library in her head…

“My VIP Retreat Day with Milisa was like having a heart to heart with a girlfriend, only it was all about me for a change. I was open but a bit sceptical at first. However, I felt the results from the Day right away. It’s shocking to see how uplifted you can feel with just a change to your attitude! I see now that the one thing I can control is my attitude – I feel more strength and more ownership of my good and bad days. I also now realize the power of exercise on mental health. Exercise is no longer just a task on my to-do list. It fuels me. Milisa is an expert who has a library in her head and she was fluid as she tailored the Day to me. Overall, I feel more serene since Milisa’s coaching.”

–Female Professional in Toronto, Ontario


I didn’t realize how anxiety had taken over my life until I “took stock” with Milisa.

“When I first started coaching with Milisa at the VIP Retreat Day, I was suffering physically and mentally from anxiety, including unrelenting self-criticism. I could see that my anxiety was affecting my family too. It was really distressing. While I was very successful at work, these negative feelings and physical symptoms were holding me back and that was very frustrating. It’s been about six months since the VIP Retreat Day and looking back, I can say that it was a really important turning point for me. I didn’t realize how anxiety had taken over my life until I “took stock” with Milisa – that insight was the catalyst that motivated me to get my physical and mental house in order. The coaching enabled me to reach out and get the medical help I needed. I took away insights and tools from the Day that I have used to make me feel calmer and more in control of my thought processes. I also notice that I am much more empathetic to others, especially when they are suffering. I feel more connected to my family and co-workers. I am no longer getting in my own way at work. I am moving forward!”

–Female Professional in Toronto

“Breaking down the discussion into a “top 3” was a great way to shape the event. The opportunity for group discussion was very useful and the pacing was perfect. Also, I love the venue – your home is so peaceful and lovely. I think this is a great forum for people like me who need a periodic ‘check up’.”

–Workshop Attendee


Coaching with Milisa helped me so much this year.

“Coaching with Milisa helped me so much this year… it’s made me more confident in myself and my abilities I think because after doing all the talking an opening up, I realize that I do have the capacity to control a lot more about my life and the emotions that come after certain situations. I just feel that opening up helped me realize that eventually, you can talk yourself in a circle and find a solution to your problem once you reflect on it deeply enough. It’s important for me to give myself time to really find the root cause of a problem and realize what I can control about it and what I can’t. I feel more in tune with my desires and I feel less of an urgency to do what others want just to make them happy. I’m more focused on myself and learning that it’s OK to focus and take time to make a decision.”

–KC, Female Professional


Milisa’s coaching helped me tremendously.

“Milisa’s coaching helped me tremendously. She showed me how to re-frame seemingly overwhelming situations and bring a clear process to figuring things out. Milisa’s guidance has been invaluable; I continuously return to the foundations she helped me establish. It is such a welcome ‘game changer’ to have a solid awareness and understanding of my strengths, values, and goals. Thanks to Milisa I am more confident in my decisions, and more peaceful and content in my life.”



Milisa helped me come to a major breakthrough.

“Milisa was very good at letting me guide the conversation, which resulted in helpful realizations. Milisa took what I said and drew some lines, some connections which ultimately helped me reach my biggest breakthrough. I was surprised and happy with the end results of my coaching with Milisa. I am have changed significantly as a result of the coaching. I feel passion for my long term goals. I feel peaceful, but with drive and energy. I understand myself better which makes me more trusting in myself and others. I feel like I have lots of opportunities. Milisa helped me come to a major breakthrough in my thinking. Now, I am living more in the moment, which is a major change for me as I was always planning and looking to organize the next element in my life. The coaching with Milisa gave me a great return on my investment. I highly recommend Milisa as a coach.”


“THANK YOU for another wonderful session. Your workshops are like grounding steps where I learn new tools to correct my path. I learn a lot and come away with much to think about. Your topics were new and fresh and relevant for me. Maybe peripherally (like off in the horizon), I knew some of the concepts before but you made them real and achievable. I was really impressed with the level of preparation you did for the workshop – that was a lot of work. Thank you for going the extra mile for us.”

–Female Engineer in Toronto

“Milisa Burns gave an informative and thoughtful talk about ‘Growth Mindset’ to parents and educators at Sick Kids Boomerang Health clinic in Vaughan. Milisa has a deep knowledge of the material and a real passion for the subject matter. She provided a great opportunity to discuss the material in a way that prompted participants to share their personal stories in a comfortable environment. Thank you Milisa for this enlightening event.”

–Meredith Johnson

“So, so much was helpful today. The positivity information in particular was helpful. It was a nice manageable number of women. The exercises were good. The positivity journaling was terrific, and set the stage. Your personal story was powerful and profound. You didn’t push us to reveal too much, so people were able to do so. It worked very well. It was a special day. I really appreciated it. Thank you.”

–Making Room for You Lunch attendee


Milisa gives me the confidence to trust myself.

“Milisa was great at asking the right questions and intuitively guiding me to look within myself. Because, ultimately, I have the answers – and Milisa gives me the confidence to trust myself and make the right decisions for me.”

–NH, Female Professional


Amazing Value Gained From Coaching!

“I came to coaching feeling like my work was an obstacle keeping me from being happy and enjoying life. I thought I needed to change careers. I couldn’t be present at work because I was worried about my future and my job satisfaction. This stress was affecting many parts of my life. The day after my VIP Retreat Day with Milisa I stopped obsessing about my work. The value I gained from Milisa’s coaching was amazing! This is an issue I have struggled with since childhood. I am now feeling more connected at work, finding satisfaction in my day to day tasks. I am more present in my whole life now. I have shifted from focusing on achievement to focusing on connection. My relationships have all become stronger, my days feel fuller; it’s more about the people I am with than the things I do. I can actually be happy now.”

–PV, Female Lawyer

“The VIP Retreat Day with Milisa helped me shift from focusing on the frustrations of the past year to recognizing the things I was able to accomplish, the relationships I enjoyed, and what I learned. I greatly appreciate Milisa’s wisdom, candour, and gentle persistence in pushing me to reinterpret these experiences in relation to deeply-held values and as steps toward longer-term goals. An exhausting day, but absolutely worthwhile.”

–RC, Professional Woman in Toronto


The coaching filled me up in a way I wasn’t expecting.

“I started working with Milisa after attending one of her Making Room For You Lunches. I loved the community of incredible women in the room. I felt like it was time to invest in myself. I was concerned about my work and wanted to find ways to do what I love and also to balance my life and work. I had been struggling to find the parts of my job that were meaningful to me. Since beginning the coaching I have begun meditating regularly. Even it if it is just five minutes a day, I feel so much calmer. I have also been journaling both on-line and by hand in the journal Milisa gave me at my VIP Retreat Day, which I call my ‘pink life raft’. On the cover it says “Live What You Love”, which I find so inspiring. I am now more positive, and able to stop my negative self-talk more often. I am exercising more regularly, looking for ways to exercise that I really enjoy. The coaching filled me up in a way I wasn’t expecting – so appropriate for a Making Room For You program!”

–Female Lawyer, Toronto


I had no sense of the ultimate freedom I would feel.

“When I was first referred to Milisa I was stuck. I felt frustrated and insecure in many aspects of my professional and personal life despite a high level of success, particularly at work. I described myself as an iceberg and felt that the world was only seeing one tiny tip of me. Milisa helped shift me to a more positive stance and to recognize my need to be in service to something greater than myself. I have a tremendous need to contribute. I have always been very performance and goal-oriented. Now, instead of always thinking in terms of accomplishment, I am thinking in terms of contribution. As a result, I am more engaged in the success of the people around me and I know that things don’t always have to be measurable to be significant! I am more ready to take risks professionally knowing that they will take me where I want to go. I came to the coaching with a specific career goal in mind and, while I am well on my way to accomplishing that goal, I actually feel like I crossed the finish line a long time ago when I found my voice to express my ideas and opinions and at the same time, believed that I could and would be heard.
Milisa helped me tap into the courage and positivity that I know exists in all of us. Before working with Milisa I had no sense of the ultimate freedom I would feel and I am grateful for that. There is no turning back!”

–Sue A.

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