As a female professional, how much space is there in your life for what is most meaningful to you?

This website and blog is my starting point for helping you, the professional woman working in a stressful environment, Make Room For You.

Here, you will learn ways to feel more energized and engaged by your life, and your work. By sharing stories from my experience as a coach, lawyer, wife and mother, I will inspire and motivate you. I believe that in order to make this world a better place, we all must flourish. This flourishing starts with each of us working to be our best selves, so we can make more room for each other, our families and our communities. There's room for you here!

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Helping Professional Women Make Room In Their Lives For What's Really Important To Them

Hi I’m Milisa!

I am a certified professional coach (ACPC and ACC), transformational facilitator and leader with my own practice, Strategic Evolution Coaching & Consulting, which I founded in 2006. My mission is to empower professional women to create success for themselves on their terms through my Making Room For You coaching and facilitation programs. On the outside, my clients tend to be very “successful”, but inside they may initially be very stressed, full of questions, possibly bored and no longer fulfilled. They may feel a yearning, a strong pull toward something greater that they have not been able to Make Room For in their lives and work on their own. Working with me, my clients are amazed at how quickly they create peace and contentment while achieving and contributing at even higher levels than they previously thought possible. Read more about Milisa →

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