Taking A Stand As An Act of Leadership

take a stand imageIt’s June again already – wow this last year has flown by! I have been immersed in the Feminine Power Advanced Trainings since last June and it has been a transformative experience for me personally and professionally. As the trainings wind up and a 9 month practicum begins I am starting to integrate more and more what I have learned recently with what I knew “before”. It’s really fun – I love connecting dots and seeing what ideas I can come up with that really excite me and lead me to support others in more powerful ways.

One such idea or new way of being is to be able to clearly take a stand, knowing that this is an act of leadership. I remember many years ago going to an International Coach Federation Conference where the organizers were handing out buttons on which we were to write our name and what we stood for as a coach. I had trouble with this and felt embarrassed, even ashamed, about it. What did I stand for? What could I stake a stand for? Surely there was something!!

I no longer lack clarity in this department. I feel a ferocity rising inside me informing me of what exactly I stand for… and many things are coming up. This clarity has been unleashed as a result of the transformation I have been undergoing. I no longer worry so much about being nice, being a pleaser, and not alienating anyone. (Of course I am not going to purposely alienate someone, but I am no longer going to twist myself into knots and compromise my relationship with myself in order to serve another relationship or potential relationship.) So, one big thing I stand for, for starters is, I stand for us first being true to ourselves, not compromising ourselves and our values in order to please someone else.  This can be so damaging to us in the form of deep disconnection with ourselves, as it happens over and over again.  Being true to ourselves consistently is a practice and we don’t have to be perfect at it.

Here are some other things I stand for:

I stand for the potential of wild imperfection as we strive to show up, take risks, and do our best and learn and grow from our “mistakes”. In other words, I stand for being in a growth mindset.

I stand for women showing up in their own greatness while also supporting other women to do the same, reflecting back their brilliance to each other in service of the greater good.

There’s more, much more to come, and I will leave it at that for now.

What does this post bring out in you?


PS I saw Wonder Woman last night –  she knows how to take a stand!!

(I can’t find a clear attribution for this image, which I found on Pinterset.)

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