Greatness? Who, Me?

When I first started hearing the call to step into my greatness, my first thoughts were: “Who, me? Who am I to be stepping into greatness?” Feelings of fear of alienating others came up for me. I would look arrogant. People wouldn’t like me. But there was an invitation there that I could not and cannot resist. Wow, what if I were to allow myself to play with this idea of stepping into my greatness? I feel excited… I feel a sense of freedom… I feel my potential… And, I can give myself permission to go there and be in my greatness and share it, when I ground into the deep and long-lasting yearning I have to be of service, to contribute to making the world a better place.

Greatness Vision Circle 2018

One of the key aspects of the culture of Feminine Power is to create a space where women feel safe and encouraged to shine, to show their greatness to others – and to themselves! It can indeed be a vulnerable experience to step into our greatness, and this culture creates a safe place in which to practice. This culture has been critical for my growth, including the exponential increase in my confidence over the last several years. This culture has been key to my increasing ability to write to you like this, attempting to step into my greatness with every word I am sharing with you here. And guess what, I have never felt more alive, more connected to others and supported and loved as I do now. Those fearful thoughts I had were wrong!

It is time, Sisters. It is time to give ourselves permission to allow our greatness to flow out of us. We need to be this way in order to thrive. Our families, our workplaces, our communities, and the world really need us to be this way. Now.

What will it take for you to allow yourself to envision 2018 as your Year of Greatness?

If what I am saying is resonating with you, please do come and join us next week at the Visioning Circle I am hosting and Make Room For Your Greatness! Here are the details. And if you can’t come, but wish you could, I would so love to have a quick reply from you saying you hear me and this really speaks to you.

Standing for your greatness, and mine too!

with love, Milisa

PS. If you are in Montreal next week, my amazing friend Ellie Ballentine is hosting a Visioning Circle just like mine, at exactly the same time! We are having fun planning these together, along with almost 50 other facilitators globally! Here are the details for Ellie’s Circle.

PPS. If you can’t attend live in Toronto or Montreal, click here for our mentor Claire Zammit’s recording of her free online Visioning Circle and/or to find a live Circle happening near you!

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